You know those crazy thoughts that start out something like: hey, I have to run 7-8 miles this weekend, why not SIGN UP FOR A 10-MILE RACE?

And this is how you end up registering for Pittsburgh’s EQT 10-miler.

I’ll put it out there completely: I have never run 10 miles. At least since adulthood, but probably forever. Was I prepared for this race? HELL. NO. Did I finish? Yep. And you know what? I’m really proud of my finish! And there was a medal, so…

The first five miles felt really good. Something happened to me both mentally and physically though going up the small-ish incline of Canal Street approaching Mile 6. I WANTED TO STOP. But then I talked myself into going a little further because I recognized the water station a few feet ahead (and I would walk with my water). The feeling when I started walking was overwhelming: if I keep walking, I am NEVER going to start running again. Aaaaaand there’s still four whole miles left.

If you can believe it (and if you’ve ever run a long race for the first time with not-enough training, you know what I’m talking about), I felt even worse by Mile 8. Also, I was SUPER hungry. I ate a handful of Sport Beans to relieve the hunger, but it only averted the crisis for another half mile or so. At this point, I just want to get the race over with (and about this time I realized that next week I would be DONE with the 15k). I cannot thank the Steel City Road Runners group enough for having amazing pacers. At just the right time, the 11:00 pacers passed me, and I dug deep to keep up with them until the finish.

10 mile race pittsburgh

Finish time: 1:48.35
P.S.: there was gluten-free snacks at the finish line!!!

I have to do this again next weekend? FML.

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