My sister offered up some samples of her Eminence skin care products — enough for a 14-day trial of their handmade organic cleanser, moisturizers, masque, scrub and…something else (another masque, I think). The products are all organic, which I’m hoping translates into “good for sensitive skin.” And that whole “hormonally unbalanced” problem I seem to have with… well, everything these days.

After recently — and randomly — being diagnosed with eczema, my product purchases are heavily scrutinized. Can you believe I even had patchy dryness on my freakin’ eyelids?! I still haven’t pin-pointed what is causing an allergic reaction on my hands either. Soap? Lotion? Self-tanner? Birth control pills? My gummy vitamins? 

So far, I love how the Eminence products are concentrated and that only a tiny amount is needed (then add your own water). I’ve been fairly satisfied with using Murad over the last few years, but I keep getting a “Proactiv” vibe with them, with every mailed catalog. Plus, the products I NEED to supplement my skin care program (from the Resurgence line) — while awesome — are pricy.

Here is what I’m currently trying out for two weeks:

Mineral Cleansing Concentrate – good for acne AND sensitive skin
Eight Greens Whip Moisturizer – for “age-defying” on hormonally-imbalanced skin (although I will admit, hearing “whip” makes me fear breakouts)
Seven Herb Treatment (masque) – to help clear my “combination” skin problems (read: adult acne *groan*). It’s applied every other day for 2 weeks for only 10 minutes (I am already in love with this stuff after one use)
Eight Greens Phyto Masque – currently on hold, until I use the above treatment for a couple weeks, but it’s supposed to be an amazing anti-aging treatment.
Strawberry-Rhubarb Dermafoliant – did you know that rhubarb is a natural astringent and disinfectant? (it’s also delicious in ice cream; the fruit, not this product, of course)
Wild Plum Eye Cream – for dark eye circles and “signs of fatigue.” I only hope this product works as amazingly EVERY day, as it does on my first couple days of use. 

I’ll let you know my thoughts about the products after my two weeks are complete.

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