I have a lot of clothes — most of which I’ve collected over the past decade (and a half). Certain pieces that I’ve clung onto for so long that I cannot rid my closet of them. Some are classics, well made, and I’ll probably be able to wear forever. Some are nostalgic (I know, EVERY stylist says to get rid of this crap now). It’s no surprise that I often get extremely frustrated at having “nothing to wear.” 

Which, if you saw my closet, is total shit.

My biggest problem is that I am 34, and I like “cute” very much. But I end up looking ridiculous. I haven’t yet found a way to style these items that don’t make me look too young or like I’m trying too hard (for what, I don’t know). Which is why 90% of the time, I wear basics: jeans, t-shirts, blazers, tanks… then dress them all up with fabu accessories (have I mentioned shoes & jewelry and my weakness?). And that can get boring.

I love to layer, but summer hates me for it (you know, the hot flashes). I also love dresses and skirts — short ones too, since I’m quite fond of my muscular (yet stark white, no tan allowed) legs, but “OMG, you’re wearing that in public?!”. I love prints, and I want to wear my floral and gingham patterns without feeling silly or like I work on a farm. I own a surprising amount of color (mostly blues and greens and interestingly, a bit of orange) because both beiges AND blacks look washed up against my fair skin tone (or is it that I look washed up?).

So, what are the “fashion rules” for women in their 30s? Apparently, “flirty” overrides “cute.” Whatever the heck that means.

Stop telling me to dress “classy” — I have no reason to. I mean, I don’t dress like a slut by any definition, but I work from home; I don’t need a closet full of polished suits and professional wear. Besides, I have 4-5 colored button-down shirts, that again, look ridiculous on me. And for someone who is only 5’4” with a longer-than-average torso, please do not suggest a pencil skirt.

Is there another side to classy attire? Is that why I also read about “sophistication” a lot? Isn’t that the same? Does that equate to investing in labels? Because I spend a lot on my designer jeans, thank you very much.

What is equally frustrating is the suggestion to “wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.” I cannot, justly, exit my apartment wearing running pants and a sports bra every day. Seriously, this is my favorite outfit in all my closet right now because I love how it looks in New Balance athletic wear (and my derby outfits). 

Perhaps my internal struggle lies with my athletic shape (or is it pear? I can’t figure it out) and that clothing is not properly made for my small size… maybe this just doesn’t match with “cute.”

*sigh* Thankfully, I have nowhere to go today…

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