Dreams can be characterized as ideas, feelings and images that take shape in the mind, primarily during REM sleep when your brain experiences the highest amount of unconscious activity. Though the purpose of dreams is not entirely known, there are many theories as to why you dream and what your dreams could mean. Here is some information about why we dream, what your dreams could mean according to the experts, and how you can interpret your dreams.

Why Do You Dream?

Again, why we dream is not necessarily clear, though man has developed many theories over the last five thousand years or so. The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that dreams were direct communications from the dead or from the gods, and that they had the power to predict the future. Many other cultures have considered dreams to be prophetic. The scientific study of dreaming is called oneirology, which has lead scientists to believe that many animals also dream as humans do. Also, in modern times, psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have linked dreams to a connection with the unconscious, and have suggested that dreams act as manifestations of desires and relate to repressed memories and obsessions.

What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Just like the reasons for why we dream, dream meanings have been disputed over thousands of years. Given that dreams are personal and unique, it is difficult to describe what specific images may mean. However, given that people do experience similar images, ideas or emotions in common dreams, many dream experts have developed theories in regards to what certain images may mean to everyone who dreams them. For example, many people have had dreams where they are chased either by a person or possibly imaginary monsters or animals. Some experts believe that these chasing dreams suggest that the dreamer is running from an issue in their waking life that causes anxiety or pain, and that the dreamer has been avoiding this issue. This is a practical interpretation that can be useful to dreamers seeking clarification of what their dream could mean.

How To Interpret Your Dreams

When looking to have your dreams interpreted, it’s important not to jump to conclusions about what your dreams could mean. Though the jury is still out on what dreams may mean, there are experts in the field, from scientific, philosophical and spiritual backgrounds, who can help you interpret your dreams. Psychoanalysts, therapists, and other professionals are always available for counsel, though you will likely have to pay for their services. Psychics and other spiritual advisers are also available for a fee, but many of them also have online resources available for free. Also, because most people are curious about their dreams, many online resources that are free to the public may be able to shed light on what your dreams mean, though the information has likely not been vetted or confirmed by any paid professional. Dreams are largely still a mystery, but that doesn’t mean dream interpretation should only be left up to the experts or denied importance. If you’re looking for answers about your dreams and what they could mean, do your research by going online, asking your friends, or consulting a professional.

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