You know how this conversation starts — or ends, rather. With a FREAK OUT.

That was the boyfriend’s conversation to me after work on Sunday: Don’t. Freak. Out.

These are the kind of talks one never wants to have in a relationship. Don’t Freak Out. Don’t Get Mad. We Need to Talk. It’s Not You…

Said Freak Out has to do with our home renovations, thankfully (weird that’s a positive in this stage of life), and nothing to do with our partnership (thank the Ceiling Cat). We already discussed what we intended to do with the “fun money” this year as far as the house was concerned, but not-so-much about timeline.

Sadly, the house money did not include doing anything about this:

There’s always next year…

In conversation with others, we laugh it off as our “swingers” tub. If only our 1800s house had such a history, and not just that it hasn’t been renovated in 30 years. Also: yes, this is where our cats prefer their water reservoir.

We *are* decorating around that bathroom, however (with a helluva lot of paint and cheap-ish fixes). We’re also painting the entire first floor and entry. And painting the second floor and hallway. And breaking open the tiled-in fireplace to see what’s behind it, and what choices we have to renovate it…

Starting on Friday.


This Friday, if I wasn’t specific.

So, by this time next week, I’ll be waking up to beautiful grays and blues and bright white trim… instead of Stuck-in-the-80s-shopping-at-the-County-Seat colors (tell me I’m not the only 30-something who remembers that mall store!). The direction of the fireplace and firebox replacement will have to do with… well, what’s behind all that ugly tile.

In addition to the projects still-yet-unplanned, we have new tile in the entryway in the budget, some new furniture, updated light fixtures and a new deck. But that magenta platform tub will remain when all the dust clears. Oh boy, is it a conversation piece, but based on our home budget, it will remain for another year.

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  • Oh, I totally hate it when the hubs comes home and says, “hey babe, I need to talk to you about something.” WHA?? I really enjoyed reading your post and you are not the only 30 something to remember that mall store! haha I can’t wait to see your new renos!!

    • Mel

      Thanks Ellora! I can’t wait to show off the new renovations too!

  • themoderngal

    Shit, my husband doesn’t even start with “don’t freak out” … it’s just straight, “so great news, the ceiling is leaking.” Good luck with the reno

    • Mel

      YES! I need more conversations to start this way. I might have to start training the boyfriend to this method too.