A number seemingly insignificant for journaling, let alone blogging, but it’s Day fifty-five of my “new life” — or rather, a portion of it. I’ve been feeling like crap for the better part of two years, and then when my depression slowly subsided last year, I was still feeling… not myself. My body still felt wrong.

Fifty-five days ago I finally went to see a naturopath-slash-nutrition coach to get tested for food sensitivity — after my primary doctor wanted to put me on yet another prescription supplement (that my body wasn’t absorbing) and my gyno couldn’t definitively provide any answers to what’s going on with my old-lady parts either.

I’ve been on a gluten-free, no nightshades elimination diet since. I went all out on Day One, and yeah, I didn’t know what a nightshade was either. I did know that bell peppers were not my friend, and I had already given them up. The storm was greater than bell peppers and a little indigestion, however, and that is what makes this diet so. hard. sometimes (pick up anything pre-packaged and see the words “natural flavors” or “spices” — even if organic — and throw it away… because, nope).

BUT IT’S WORTH IT. I have energy. I don’t feel 20 years older. My joints no longer ache endlessly. I don’t feel lethargic. My productivity is up; my anxiety is down. My undereye circles don’t require eight layers of concealer. I am still dealing with some other mental things, but this diet change was a really important first step. Aside from being glutened something horrendous yesterday, I’ve been feeling really. really. good.


Just without all the ketchup.

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