Saturday night was fun. Since it was such a nice day (which I spent mostly indoors, working), I hurried to change after my shift ended, so we could walk around Sewickley: the location of our later plans. This was also our first time in Sewickley, but I knew there were cute little boutiques to pop in-and-out (LOVED the House store!), while we enjoyed the weather. A pop-up store even gave us a to-go glass of champagne! And then we found the fun DIY yogurt place. Yes, please, dessert before dinner.

yogurt and champagne

That said, it was difficult to “kill” a half hour of time between all the shops closing and the start of our event at Village Candy, but we managed on account of just finally being outside.


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In its fifth year, Village Candy introduced the crowd to seven root beers:
Barrel Brothers Creamy Vanilla
Dang Butterscotch
Capt’n Eli’s
Olde Rhode Island Molasses
Red Ribbon
Johnnie Ryan
Sprecher Fire-brewed

(I was able to confirm that all, but one, were gluten free; that remaining sample was Barrel Brothers — I couldn’t confirm one way or another — but I didn’t seem to have a reaction to it.)

I am a sucker for root beer and sweets. Circling around the dizzying selection of CANDY, proprietor Doug Alpern and his employees were in really good spirits (sugar high?), which really added to atmosphere of the tasting event for the all-ages crowd. Village Candy has an assorted mix of old-school sweets, candy-related merchandise, sodas and unique chocolate bars. And a Jelly Belly filling station, natch, which I also noticed they carried the new Draft Beer flavor. My favorite root brews were the Saranac, Johnnie Ryan and the Olde Rhode Island Molasses (and if I’m remembering my ballot correctly, in that order). We really enjoyed the event, and look forward to visiting the candy shop — and Sewickley — again. Note: Village Candy is also doing a cream soda tasting soon. Sign up for their newsletter!

We even took home a 4-pack of ginger and root beers — Village Candy has an impressive selection of bottled sodas! Something fun, something different, something tasty.

Something… kitty piddle.

kitty piddle


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