hey guys! so last week some relatives came to visit me in Hong Kong and they bought me a camera 🙂 the Canon EOS 550D/Rebel T2I. For those of you who don’t know it so well this is a great camera with very good functions and will allow you to take professional photos. It also has HDMI video functions.

so I’ve run into a complication here, because when I last spoke to my relatives I mentioned about getting this camera. But my parents had already given it to me a few months ago as a reward for my grades! :/ so now I have an extra SLR which comes of no use to me (my whole family is not really into photography). I thought it would be a waste to return it, so i decided to give it away on Tumblr 🙂 

  • Basically if your interested all you need to do is REBLOG THIS POST the more you reblog the more chance you will get!
  • Follow me 😉 
  • The winners will be randomly chosen (I will input all the followers/rebloggers into a computer choice generator)
  • P.S. If you require international shipping I’m happy to pay for the expenses of that as well. 
  • Deadline: I will be announcing winners on the 20th of June 

Thanks to ALL OF YOU 🙂 my URL is:

I definitely need a new camera… entertaining suggestions outside of this contest as well. Prefer remote capable.

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