My neighborhood is filled with inspiring, supportive and successful women. One of those neighbors is a consultant with the UK-based company House of Colour. House of Colour has consultants around the U.S., and Julie is here in Pittsburgh — right in my neighborhood — helping women look and feel their best. And she does it through the power of color!

Let’s face it: I have always needed a little help with dressing myself. I don’t really “fit” into any of those pre-determined body fruit shapes; I’m long where I should be short — short where I should be longer. I can’t even figure out the shape of my face (maybe a heart? oval?), and I’ve only recently realized how important it is to accentuate my waist. Regardless of my ignorance, I knew I needed an appointment to sit in Julie’s studio to determine my colors. She categorizes this in “seasons,” which was done using a series of fabric drapes in various colors to determine my skin’s undertones first (on my clean, no makeup face). Once it was determined I had cool undertones, she continued placing and removing these drapes, placed over a white smock, to show the real life effect certain colors had on my face in natural light. As the session progressed, it became much easier to see what colors were either emphasizing my features or making me look sallow, “washed out,” and tired. The results were undeniable. WHO WANTS TO LOOK THOSE ANY OF THOSE THINGS WHEN YOU’RE 30-SOMETHING?!

Results: I’m a WINTER.

Which means I’ve been an Ice Princess all along… Muah-hah-hah

I have blue undertones, when I always thought I was yellow. I definitely went in thinking I’d be an Autumn (if based on nothing more than the current collection in my closet and the colors I trend to). No wonder warm tones and makeup and hair color wasn’t working for me, and I worked doubly hard to “warm” my skin and clothing, which had the complete opposite — I’m a COOL tone. Embrace the pale, Mel. Also, HELLO, my color profile includes Pantone’s Color of the Year: EMERALD.

After determining my season, Julie also put some makeup on me — and I definitely played up the dramatics with red lipstick. Yes, I — who “can’t wear red” — was wearing red lipstick. Well, I CAN wear red, it’s just I need a blue-tone red. She went through all 36 colors in my season (yes, 36!) and rated each on a star-or-check system and also on a percentage of saturation, based on placement of the color in the garment (head-to-toe, accent, accessories). What I was also impressed with was the ability to match several unique colors together and have everything look perfectly matched; it’s all about making sure the shades are within the same season and have the right tone.

There was so much valuable info — and I went home with a small binder of all my swatches and checklist to help me shop and dress (and clean out my closet)! I’m so lucky to have Julie’s color services right outside my door (but she’ll also come over and help separate/clean out closets based on your color analysis or can go shopping with you AND will soon offer styling sessions). This session will definitely save me money in the future and hopefully prevent my hoarder-like tendencies to keep things-in-my-closet-that-I-never-wear-yet-maybe-will-one-day. Truth is, I’m not wearing these items because I likely don’t look good in them.

Buh-bye browns and oranges. It’s like you don’t even want me to root for my favorite football team anymore.

bye, clothes that look terrible on me!

Book an appointment with Julie from House of Colour – Pittsburgh.

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Have you ever used a stylist or color consultant? Share your experience in the comments!

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