If there was a ever a need for fashion advice, it’s this very moment. 

I’m attending a “gala” Saturday night, with a dress code similar to cocktail attire. Doable, I have a totally cute black tank dress with champagne accents that I love to wear just for this type of occasion.

Problem: Pittsburgh weather, DUH! It will be rainy and kinda cold, and my dress is short. And my arms are completely littered with bruises from an intense week of roller derby. 

Here’s my thought for my bottom half: pair with black tights and a black Mary Jane heel. I’ve toyed with the idea of boots, but I just can’t see them fitting into a gala-type atmosphere. Also, I have a second pair of Mary Jane heels — these, being beige-and-black patent. But, paired with black tights — does THAT work?

I may take a picture of the dress for better results…

But the cover-up ideas I have for the top (aside from spending WAY too much time with pancake make-up) are undecided: do I wear a shaped black tuxedo-like blazer or a long-sleeve black sweater wrap?

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