Our neighborhood yard sale was last weekend, and I really wish now that I would have got my shit together a little early (and cleaned out my closets and organized the basement). As we walked around, looking at the items that were selling, we groaned in unison: “We totally could have got rid of that!”

I also groaned and grumped later when I didn’t jump on the purchase of a $20 hammock, and it was sniped before I returned to purchase. I am not a good yard sale-r.

Old electronics. Clothes with tags still on. Home decor: lamps and frames and cabinets and tables. Random small appliances and kitchen ware. Boxes and boxes of cables and wires and chargers… formerly-awesome models of iPhones and iPods.

We have all these things and more!

After checking out sites like sellmymobile.com though, I think I can get a little more money for my old electronics that way (and a neighbor won’t have any weird, non-erased, possibly gossipy personal info). Not even joking though, I never imagined an old iphone could net me almost $200 at resale.

Every season I seem to go through another Purge though. I continue wanting to own LESS. I hate the idea of Storage. I wish that neighborhood-wide yard sales were a monthly thing because I’d be making at least a little something off all these old electronics, clothing with tages still on, home decor… you get where I’m going.

Summer’s Purge may have been a weekend too late for a successful yard sale, but I’m reaping the reward of removing all the clutter.

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