Since my knee was bothering me last training week, I’ve made it a point to get in some strength training as part of my workouts. I love my CrossFit gym, but let it take a backseat to working on my conditioning for running. I don’t want to get injured, so I realize (again) SO MUCH the importance of cross-training and hopefully I can make this knee stronger in the process.


TUESDAY: CrossFit — some deadlifts work and a nice-and-easy (although they’re never really easy, are they?) 4RFT WOD of back squats and push ups.

WEDNESDAY: Had a presentation tonight, so a long workout wasn’t in the schedule, but I found a quickie three rounds o’ fun on Instagram via the Bite Sized Army.

THURSDAY: Read in bed almost immediately after work because I feel like I’m getting sick. UGH.

FRIDAY: Concert duty tonight, so today is another REST DAY.

SATURDAY: I wasn’t feeling well in the morning, so I skipped my CrossFit gym’s anniversary workout and picnic. But because of this intense head cold, I sweated all the sickness I could in a two-hour hot yoga session.


Total runs this week: 0
Weekly mileage: NOPE
Total training mileage: Still sitting at 54.10

Now I need to go a little off my training plan to make sure I’m ready for this race. I’m not worried (aside from my knee holding up)… but it won’t be pretty.

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