So Week #3 was another bust: after suffering a serious case of DOMS from Crossfit (that lingered for three painful, terrible days), I endured a four-day painful and terrible streak of headaches.

Moving on…

I invested in a few more cold weather running pieces, since it seems as though this winter is sticking around. 180s was having an uber-awesome sale around Valentine’s Day, so I picked up another pair of thermal running tights (only $20!), a neck gaiter (free with my purchase!), and these fun ear muffs that have speakers in them (now if I could only get my phone not to die in these extreme temperatures). Their site has a bunch of awesome solutions for being outside in the frigid temps — and sells one of the best pair of convertible running gloves I’ve seen/worn.

180 running gear

Week 4
Monday: 3.25 miles, treadmill
Tuesday: 3.21 miles, treadmill
Wednesday: REST DAY
Thursday: (homework day)
Friday: REST DAY
Saturday: 4 miles OUTSIDE (4.03 via Garmin; 4.26 via MapMyRun). I was only supposed to do 3, but felt good, so I took a longer run in the chance I wouldn’t get out on Sunday.
Sunday: AND THEN OF COURSE, THE WEATHER. Welp, I’m one mile longer behind again in my training, but I had a paper due and couldn’t get to the YMCA before it closed at 2pm. (Seriously?!)

run collage

I’m not quite sure how this neck gaiter works, but I LOVE these new ear-warmer speakers!!!

Alas, I feel MUCH better about this week of training than I have in a while, but I’ll have some make-up work to do.

Total runs this week: 3
Weekly mileage: 10.49 miles
Total training mileage: 21.13 miles

February totals (per MapMyRun):
7 runs
21.37 total miles

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