Every time I think about this race, I get butterflies in my stomach… bursting OMG TEN MILES ones, but nervous excitement, nonetheless. Some of that was alleviated when I reached out to a former derby teammate to see if she still planned to run this year — and she is! So at least I won’t be starting alone and she intends to run my pace with me. I downloaded the app and started following the #cucb2015 hashtag to connect with other runners. I hear there’s a beer & oreos group around Mile 8, so I put out a gluten-free cider APB via twitter.

But seriously, NEXT WEEKEND. I can’t believe how quickly this race came around! And let’s not even talk about the half marathon yet. WHOOOOOSH.

MONDAY: REST (awesome after-work event)

TUESDAY: REST (homework)

WEDNESDAY: RUN! 4.04 miles WITHOUT A COAT (!!!) and Day 1 of a 30-day Core Challenge that I immediately forgot on Day 2.

THURSDAY: REST (must. pack!)

FRIDAY: Traveling to Columbus.

SATURDAY: Another 4 on 4/04 (4.26 to be exact) with no headphones. While the course I picked was boring (and I spent most of my time watching out for store doors to smack me in the face), I felt AWESOME.

SUNDAY: Easter, eat ham. Repeat. Does that count for exercise?

To be honest, I thought I did another workout this week. I really need to work on adding in some at-home workouts to get me through this semester (and until I have, like, 15 more minutes of day light hours). Before I go and get down on myself for having too many rest days, I need to remember that I walk a mile to work (and home a mile) 4-5 days per week. And yeah, I need to upgrade my walking-to-work shoe collection because I did not anticipate bleeding blisters on my run on Saturday.

And then we’re in Race Week! In putting my first 10-mile race into perspective (while I was training for the 15k and thought it would be “fun” to run a 10-miler), I hadn’t even completed an 8-mile training run before doing the EQT in November. I’m in much better running shape as far as getting my long runs completed; obviously, skipping the shorter training runs, I’ve realized in retrospect, are not making me a better runner. Noted for future races, self.

Side note: hallelujah, it’s SPRING!

Total runs this week: 2
Weekly mileage: 8.3
Total training mileage: 54.10 + 8.3 = 62.40

Total miles from MARCH, while I’m here: 33.35 miles. Yikes! That seems… like not enough.

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