I swear, I can’t be the only one who experiences technological difficulties, can I? I’m not just a late 30-something out-of-touch, but maybe Technologically Cursed.

My iphone died again on my run — this time mid-run instead of after (yeah, I’ll definitely blame this one on the cold). But it obviously did not record the full course. I’m also having issues with my Forerunner loading up my GPS location. I’ve read similar stories online, but mine is taking a RIDICULOUS amount of time — like, two auto-shut down warnings before it knows where the hell I am. That’s some kind of stress, thinking ahead for race day.

Anyone have advice before I chuck this thing in the river?

I only ran 2 miles last week on Tuesday after work. I won’t pretend that this week hasn’t been a huge disappointment.

Yeah, can I just NOPE this whole week of training? Starting over. Again.

Total runs this week: 1
Weekly mileage: 2 miles
Total training mileage: 10.64 miles

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