Don’t let the title of this post confuse you!

Soooo, I decided to make a change to my weekly training schedules and switch to a Monday-Sunday format. Both of the training plans I’m following adhere to this style (except for MapMyRun, which… anoying), so my posts will begin to reflect that. Starting…. now. Also, I’ve signed up for two upcoming races: April and May — the Cherry Blossom 10-miler and Pittsburgh Half Marathon, respectively — the Cherry Blossom race is first. That, too, is something I’m changing going forward (hence the title of this post). When the 10-miler is complete, I’ll switch back to whatever week I am in the Half training. Is that weird? I don’t want to lose focus, but I do much better target one thing at a time. Basically, I’m going to be WAY ahead of the game running a 10-miler a month before the half, so I’ll be weirdly merging my training runs until April.

Receiving my first week training plan for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler today lit a fire under me. I hope I can hang onto that motivation because I am PUMPED. (We booked the hotel this weekend too… SQUEE. Yes, I SQUEE.) Cherry Blossom is only (ha! only!) 10 weeks away.

Monday: Treadmill Day — 2.25 miles. Hey, the treadmill run didn’t feel too bad today, but BOY does it feel so much longer.

Tuesday: First evening class at CrossFit. I kinda dig it! (I felt much more beastly than normal, but then again I LURVE box jumps.) The Cherry Blossom plan called for an interval program, but I’d rather do an HIIT workout. I don’t know how this affects me as a runner, but I’m also trying not to burn out from running over here.

cf boxes

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: REST DAY. My Cherry Blossom plan called for a run day, but I had a presentation for school AND it’s negative 80 outside AND the Y closed at 9. DAMMIT.

Friday: REST DAY.

Saturday: I originally wanted to to CrossFit on Friday, but I pulled a double-duty for my Saturday. 11 AM CrossFit — a mean row and thrusters complex, followed by a jumprope cash-out. Although, I finally strung together more than 2 double-unders — I completed 4 in a row! So pumped about that.

Then, I did one of my easy RUNS — 2.16 miles. I had two goals for this run: obviously to keep the run on my schedule, but also to do the entire workout without my earbuds and music. I was WAY too aware of my body and my surroundings, and to be honest, I’m not sure that I like it. Holy crap, do I always breathe that terribly?

SAT run 0207

Sunday: What a beautiful day to be outside! But also VERY muddy. Today was my long run of the first week of training: 4.23 miles for me. (Still having this inconsistency between my Garmin Forerunner and MapMyRun app, but tracking this week for MMR).

sunday run

Total runs this week: 3
Weekly mileage: 8.64 (per MapMyRun)

How do you develop a training plan when you’ve got two races with two different mileages on the horizon?

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