This made me smile. styleite: Um, amazing. latimes: Brilliant. (via urlesque) ianbroyles: How to increase tips courtesy of Starbucks Sherman Oaks. (Source:

As much as I want to un-see these “Saturday Pants” from J.Crew, I cannot. And not in the way of a fashion abomination… um, I want them. (via Women’s tees & knits – knit leggings – Saturday pant – J.Crew) (Source: <a href="”>

This new Pixlr-o-matic photo app is fun! Anyways… boutfit for last week’s charity scrimmage included donning green for Team Grinches (ahem, we won). With my Christmas-styled look, glitter eyeliner was a necessity. I line my eyes first in black eyeliner (the self-sharpening one from Cover Girl). Then, I dip my slanted brush into loose glitter […]

fashionbyhe: La Dolce Vita Peroni Fashion Show | Melissa Pollock by Brian Storey | on Flickr. I love so much about this photo, this woman… and those accessories! And it almost makes me want to attempt pulling off a redheaded do. (Source:

styleite: Christian Louboutin thinks heels give you orgasms…or something. OR SOMETHING… *lick* (Source: