The Steel City Garden — gardening with Doug Oster and a book giveaway!

Approaching winter, it’s hard to think about gardening. But it’s the time of year to plant and plan certain outdoor tasks (and clean up all those leaves before the snow falls). And I feel like we’re constantly making outdoor plans (and pinning… lots of pinning). Gardening is a year-round sport, what with our courtyard and […]

The fireplace project: a weekend DIY, if you have three months of weekends to spare.

When we started talking about vacation to Costa Rica this year, we knew that a contracted project needed to be culled from our 2013 list. There was not a chance that either of us wanted the task of removing all that dirt and damaged wood from the deck project. Painting a three-story hallway was out […]

Weekend DIY: paint a tray with chalkboard paint

Since I’ve been attempting to control the clutter in my basement — and catch up on unpacking a few boxes stored down there from TWO YEARS AGO — I came across a pair of these breakfast trays that we’ve used, probably, never. BUT they’re in never-used condition, and I needed something to fill That Annoying […]

Don’t freak out…

You know how this conversation starts — or ends, rather. With a FREAK OUT. That was the boyfriend’s conversation to me after work on Sunday: Don’t. Freak. Out. These are the kind of talks one never wants to have in a relationship. Don’t Freak Out. Don’t Get Mad. We Need to Talk. It’s Not You… […]