Vermont City Marathon: Training Week #7

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to Vermont City Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews! Crazy week. And crazy weird temperatures! Despite a crazy week, I completed all of my scheduled workouts! Coming back from […]

Weekly Therapy: Seriously, these sunrises and sunsets never get old!

the week: After a week of bad shoe rubbing and heel AND toe blisters from work shoes (FLATS, no less), I am COMMITTED to only buying and wearing shoes that feel good. In two different orders, I purchased seven — yes, SEVEN (two different orders, aka: post-work breakdowns) — pairs of “comfort brand shoes” from […]

Sunday Lately: Week 51

I’m using this week’s Sunday Lately themes from Wild & Wanderful to prompt today’s post: Planning, Loving, Reading (which works in Sunday’s Bibliotherapy), Wishing, and Feeling. Planning: A few months ago, I purchased a spark notebook, and after my run today I plan to start drawing out 2016’s calendar and filling in January’s space with […]

Training Week 16: Niagara Falls International Marathon

It’s ALMOST taper time, you guys. I have my long(est) 20-mile run to look forward to this weekend and then the insanity of waiting and advanced mental training begins. MONDAY: walked to/from work (2.75 miles); LOTS of stretching and foam-rolling tonight too. TUESDAY: walked to/from work (2.75 miles); I’ve been obsessed with squats lately, so […]

Beauty Therapy: derma e skin care products for the gluten-free lifestyle

As I’ve written about here several times, I have adopted a gluten-free lifestyle because of some health issues (still, a couple years later, without a lot of answers but at least staying gluten-free keeps my symptoms in check). I am also conscious about gluten in my beauty products — it’s incredible that I haven’t had […]

Race Recap: Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend 5K Run

I’ll keep this race recap nice and sweet because that’s exactly what this race was. Doing the 5K was a fun excuse for another medal — plus, doing two races in two days gets finishers the Steel Challenge medal. Writing those words put me in something of a state of disbelief. A year ago, a […]

Weekly Therapy: short on willpower, long on intentions

the week: Drop/Add. Drop a class, add a class. Drop a run, drop another run… add in feeling really overwhelmed. Order from the gluten-free menu, add all the nightshades (and enjoy every bite of intoxicatingly-hot pickled pepper and spicy sausage). Back to that theme of balance… Ahem. I have been really enjoying my new routine […]

You’ve Got Klout: Eclos skin care challenge

Eclos™ is high-tech anti-aging skin care created from nature. Apple Stem Cells, extracted from a rare Swiss Apple, are clinically proven to rejuvenate skin and delay the signs of aging. Everyday use promises a youthful, more vibrant appearance. 100% of 20 participants in a clinical study on Apple Stem Cells experienced a decrease in wrinkle […]