Admittedly, I follow a LOT of blogs via my Feedly (RIP, Google Reader, you were the best). Most posts I scan briefly and quickly mark as read. Others I have lost interest from over the years and immediately delete, and OMG I need to clean up my feed. Still others I get COMPLETELY ANNOYED BECAUSE I HAVE A READER FOR A REASON! My biggest blog peeve are those who only post the first sentence or paragraph, forcing you to click through. Anyways. I have categories for house stuff, more for food stuff; I read gluten-free blogs, running blogs, and keep in touch via blog to my friends in Cleveland. I geek out over a lot of psychology and science blogs. And then I get inspired over in my “Fuzzy Feelings” folder.

For today’s Blogger, May I? prompt I’m going to tell you about just a couple blogs that I LOVE, love.

The Financial Diet: Some of the stuff can get monotonous, but there is a LOT of good information here, especially for young 30-something ladies like yourself. Plus, the confessionals help put into perspective all your money problems. Unless you’re the person who just wrote it, then you very obviously learned your lesson.

Mark Manson: Oh, he of “subtle art of not giving a fuck” fame. Everything he writes — and I literally mean everything — is raw and insightful and straight from his soul. His soul is brilliant, btw. He really has an astute knack for posting something right when I’m feeling something similar too. tl;dr: He gets me.

Emily Cassel: Her web space is pretty. Her writing is pretty. Shit, she’s pretty. She has a way of making you feel as though you can get through every barrier holding you back — and that dreams don’t have to be just imaginary.

Life Less Bullshit: As the title of her post suggests, Nicole redirects the bullshit by using her life stories as a catalyst to connect humanly and honestly with her readers. Plus, like me, she has the history of killing a blog that no longer represented the person she is now. Lady’s got some real-deal balls and isn’t afraid to put out there that IT’S OKAY TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. It’s become something of my mantra lately, and she embodies what it means to be authentic to the self first.

Tell me about your favorite blogs in the comments!

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  • OMG I’m sitting her nodding “yes, yes, yes” to all of these. Nicole is my favorite on this list, for sure. She is gentle but brutal at the same time and I love it.