This blog is a story — at least one part — about shoes. 

Every pair of my shoes has a story: where or why I purchased them, when I wore them… what weird things were stuck to the bottom of them when I arrived home. 

And when I have to give them away… 

Funky Steve Madden Shoes

I’ve always been a fan of funky heels.

When I was in my early 20s, I worked at a Steve Madden shoe store (NATURALLY feeding the addiction). During that time, I acquired a lot of footwear, with several pairs of shoes and boots going the distance (I still have at least four pairs of heels and one pair of boots). Which means, I’ve had these things for over TEN YEARS.

Alas, while Instagram breathes new life into old things, these pointed toe, silver-heeled pumps have become stiff (almost creaky), dirty beyond repair and past their prime. They’ve seen no less than three trips to the shoe cobbler for meticulous laundering with satin cleaner (which doesn’t exist, by the way) and heel retipping. And I’ve never been able to un-smoosh the points (since being stepped on circa 2004).

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t grown out of “funky.” But seeing as how I haven’t worn these shoes since our move to Pittsburgh last year — and honestly, I can’t remember wearing them since moving to my condo in 2006 — I can toss with good judgment. 

Man, these shoes were always a conversation starter in my 20s. I need to embrace that again with my wardrobe choices.

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