Have you done an audit on your closet yet this season? Spring is a good time to take account of what’s in your closet and what shouldn’t be. Still have items with tags, with the promise “I’ll wear you soon!” GET RID OF IT. I recommend the Poshmark app. For the rest of your wardrobe, ask individual pieces these questions: have you worn it since last year? Does it fit? Does it need tailored or repaired? Also, don’t forget storage: time to store your heavy winter sweaters for next season and redd-up the sandals collection.

I have at least five skirts that need to go to the tailor before I enjoy this spring (um, that I purchased LAST spring… I need to heed my own advice).

Regardless, after taking an audit of what I needed, I added these few items to my closet:

1. A raincoat. I have no idea how I’ve made it this far in life without a rain coat. This Columbia jacket was picked up at REI and stood the test of a couple-miles walk to the train stop AND an afternoon of tailgating in drizzle. Not to mention, it’s fitted super cute. 30-something APPROVED!

photo 1

photo 2

2. These slip-on sneaks from Skechers. Ugh, the first time I wore them (in the rain), gave me blisters on BOTH heels AND the inside of my toe box after walking just a few blocks between bars (yeah, I took a “personal day” during Beer Week to bar hop-day drink). They were so comfortable in the store, which is unfortunate. I’ll try again because I’m a sucker, but… Dammit.

skechers slip on sneakers

“Comfy” = wearing bandaids on my heels for an entire week.

3. I love easy-breezy spring dresses and also love polka dots. How can you resist this dress from LOFT? Super. Cute. I love the fit and material — a really easy get-up-and-go outfit for this upcoming spring weather (it’s on the way, right?)

optic dot dress

Add any fun spring pieces into your wardrobe? Have you completed a seasonal sweep of your closets?

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