And finally… the photos from my dressing room.

It took me a while to find what worked best for me (and my space) organizational-wise — until I “found” that desk from a friend of a friend (who was selling it for, like, $40 or something). The desk: I have every intention of one day refinishing it; but for now, it sits in the back of a walk-in closet, so it’s not wholly necessary. And let me tell you how amazing it is to even HAVE a walk-in closet living in the city. 

True story: my last closet was in the hallway next to the kitchen. And I needed a step ladder to access the stuff hanging on the top rung — or from the “boot shelf” ALL the way above where said closet door ended (I suppose we were lucky to have 20-foot ceilings throughout the apartment — space saving was completed in an upwards fashion).

The desk holds all my make-up items, as well as a set of hot rollers/curling irons and travel bags in the bottom drawer. Sewing and “emergency” fix kits are stowed away in the top right drawer for easy access.

The polka dot bowl and vase was a gift or “prize” at a friend’s baby shower — the pattern and color didn’t really fit my home decor, but I found a GREAT use for both:

Make-up brushes
Ring catch-all

Hooks: I purchased these same exact hooks from both Target and Home Depot (they were cheaper at the latter). Boyfriend was awesome in installing them for me at just the right heights. You might be able to see in that last photo that I have yet another hook to put up on the wall — I needed one to hang and keep separate my client’s pieces.

To the left of my desk and inspiration board is a small upright dresser from Target (maybe paid $60 for it; but the top drawer is currently held on by tape — it is cheap in every sense of the word). It holds undergarments, belts, swimsuits and… ahem, “delicates.” On top, is space for jewelry that should remain boxed and my perfume collection (and the boyfriend’s sole bottle of man scent).

Show me your dressing area!

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