I hope you’re all enjoying a lovely holiday weekend, today’s Blogger, May I? post will be a quick one.

There’s a quote that has held some recent importance for me, as I continue to do things that, to be honest, still amaze me: going back to school in my 30s and completing a degree, and finishing a half marathon for the big highlights. I’ve even written it on my chalkboard in my medicine cabinet to keep myself focused and proud of the journey:

believed and did quote

“Heck yeah, I did!” is usually what I say in return because this quote is as much as for during as it is for after your accomplishments.

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  • Self affirmation is the biggest motivator for me. I tell it to myself at work, at the gym, where ever. So much truth in this!

  • Get it, girl. I have always loved this quote. I love that you have it up in a very visual place as a reminder.

    • My boyfriend said yesterday morning, “You know, your marathon is over, you can erase that now.”
      I went all “HECK NO! I’m SAVORING!” on him. 😉

  • I’d totally fist bump you now if I could. Oh hells yes.