Haute Nails of the Moment:  Loose Leaf Doodle Nails

These fun nails, instantly drew me in!   These doodle like designs are definitely something you would have found in my High School Loose Leaf Note Book!


1- Paint Nails White – Luxe Loves: Orly’s ‘White Out’

2- Using a striper brush (or non toxic, felt tip marker) use blue paint to draw 1 line vertically on the side of the nail,  I would also add a red vertical line next to the 1 blue vertical.  The draw horizontal lines evenly spaced down the body of the nail

3- Using a small striper brush, (or non toxic felt tip marker) draw your doodles with black paint

4- When dry, seal with Top Coat – Luxe Loves: Lumos Top Coat

Now, think back to the  good ‘ole days of doodles in notebooks ! aaaaaaahhh

xoxo  TracyLee

So creative. Thanks for the step-by-step breakdown

I absolutely LOVE this! Must. Attempt (but must buy white polish first)…

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