Since I’m not currently training for anything (at least for a couple more weeks), and posting my workout weeks helps keep my motivation in check, this is my accountability week(s) post. I’m currently starting to look at training programs for running the full in October, with about 18-20 weeks of training, so I welcome any references! I’m familiar with Higdon’s model, but I’d like to know what else is out there. Update to my race schedule: I now have another half on the schedule in August (The Rock Hall half in Cleveland) and I’m running the Akron relay in September with some friends.

The week directly post-half marathon I DID NOTHING (in the form of exercise). It was kind of glorious, and it left me a good span of time to focus on finishing out my winter semester. My recovery from running the half was pretty seamless into my regular life; I was able to walk to work the next day (and the next!), with very little soreness. Must be that post-race chocolate milk!

My intention last week was to get a couple runs in to shake everything out, return to CrossFit workouts, and do some YOGA.


Week May 11-17:

MONDAY: Rest Day, duh. While I generally don’t like working out on Mondays (I don’t know, I’m grumpy or something), my friend returned to spinning class on Monday evenings at the Y, so I’ll start that up again once a week starting next week.

TUESDAY: CrossFit. Naturally, we started off with a 500m run warm-up, and I was happy about all the mobility work. The WOD was a quickie 3RFT for stair climbs (3 stories), snatches, and box jumps. I stayed easy today, with only the bar, since I haven’t been going regularly.

WEDNESDAY: Run//yoga club at Urban Elements. We had a small group today, so we held a pretty quick pace (for me) of 9:30/mi for 4 miles. First run back, and it pushed me a bit, but I was able to keep up. And maybe I should stop running at 10:30/mi so much. Following up the run was a 75-minute yoga session, where we did a lot of Warrior work. It was intense! And we have a new instructor, but I loved how she taught for different skill levels. I’m hyper-mobile, so she also suggested some great adaptations for me to enhance my practice and how to stretch my hamstrings.


FRIDAY: Rest. Wine.

SATURDAY: Did another CrossFit session that was book-ended by running TO the box and then back home. In the rain, no less. We did a couple sprints before the WOD and a 500m run, then it was Elizabeth. I’m still hanging out in the Bronze category, so it was 55# for me and three miserable rounds of push-ups at 15-12-9. For time: 6:21 minutes.

SUNDAY: Another day of rest

Week May 18-24:

This was another week where I had a lot of motivation going into the week, yet quickly lost it because of stressing out about school work. I need to learn that taking a break to do something active will help alleviate that feeling, but I get SO blind-sided by the onslaught.

MONDAY: My return to spinning! This session reminded me why I love spinning so much — it’s such a great, low impact workout (I barely sweat, but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying) that hits you with that good soreness a day later.

TUESDAY: Rest day.

WEDNESDAY: Lunchtime yoga started today, courtesy of work. We get some wellness “points” that contribute to a program that gives us some money back for our health premiums by participating. Plus, I get away from my desk for an hour a week. This session was a great restorative and slow practice, and she actually went well over an hour (oops). I enjoyed every minute of it.

After work, I had a hair appointment near home, which I planned to run to. I took a long route through the Point, which was a nice 1.90 miles to add to the log this week.

THURSDAY: STRESS DAY. Because let’s be honest, while I wasn’t necessarily working out, my body and mind were not at rest. BLARGH.

FRIDAY: This was a rest day.

SATURDAY: Does cleaning my patio count? Because I feel like it was a workout.

SUNDAY: My return to golfing! Oh man, I am still terrible, but I had one really great drive out of 9 holes of play. Now, how can I do that all the time?

It was absolutely wonderful to be out in the sun, and as I mentioned before, my boyfriend is super relaxed when playing so I really had fun despite my annoyances of not being able to get much lift on the ball. It felt like vacation in a way; we had lunch outside at the club and then hung out at the pool for a couple hours.

How is everyone else doing in their “off season”? Have you planned your next races?

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