Finally getting back into the groove of a workout schedule, which will change again this week when I return to roller derby league practices (tonight!). If CrossFit is going back into my weekly schedule, then I’m probably looking at early mornings again. My training for the Gasparilla half (and additional race distance nonsense) doesn’t start for a couple more weeks.

I walked to work every day this week, and walked home 2 out of 5 days.

MONDAY: One-hour spin class at the Y, then did a few sets of 60-second plank holds.

TUESDAY: Had happy hour plans after work.

WEDNESDAY: Ran 3 miles at 10:29 pace with run//yoga//run club followed by 75 minutes of hot yoga — GOOD TO BE BACK! I realized that it’s been three weeks since I’ve done yoga and my body definitely needed it.

Running in the dark now (at 6pm, BOO!) with run//yoga//run club.

Running in the dark now (at 6pm, BOO!) with run//yoga//run club.

THURSDAY: More happy hour plans after work, with different friends.

FRIDAY: We had a friend’s birthday party in the evening. I did have a workout scheduled, but skipped it.

SATURDAY: Went to Romp n’ Roll for an hour-and-a-half of roller skating! I CAN STILL SKATE! Although I’ve noticed that my left leg has lost a lot of strength and struggled with left leg-dominated stops. I’m still awkward-AF with my reverse direction crossovers too. I did a few more of those 60-second plank holds too.

SUNDAY: GO BROWNS! Tailgating is a workout, right? πŸ˜‰

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