When my coach inputted Fall Fun! into my training schedule a couple weeks ago, it made me smile so hard. So that’s what I’ll be dubbing the next couple months of my accountability posts. I’m not likely to post every Monday until I get back into marathon training next year.

Fall Bonus: I made the decision to keep my coach, despite not having any time goals for my Fall & Winter races. I really like having one less decision to make and, personally, having someone schedule all of my weekly workouts is very valuable to me. Plus, I like her a lot — she keeps me motivated, focused on my successes and she’s always available to ask on any question. 🙂

Even though I’m in some sort of “off season,” I’m using this “off season” to get stronger in preparation for marathon training next year. I still plan to run 4x a week regularly with long runs or races on the weekend, but amp up my cross- and strength-training (helloooooo, two-a-days!).

ALSO: As I’ve mentioned, I’m doing a 100-mile Challenge for November with the Capital Striders.

I hit my 50-mile mark at the halfway point!


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