A typical conversation in my house:

Boyfriend: why did you buy shoes?
Mel: birthday!
Bf: you don’t need any more shoes.
Mel: but I just got rid of a pair yesterday.

And then, this weekend, I trashed four MORE pairs. Yes, I’m running out of space — and patience — for shoes that only tear apart my feet.

Regardless, these teal sandals are my most recent pair. Side note: would you call these gladiators?

I’ve been on a months-long hiatus with Shoe Dazzle because of some random issues. Ultimately, I enjoy the service (not-so-much the customer service) and MOST times, the shoes are all right (save for an especially high ratio of “clubbing” heels in my selections). My favorite purchases were a pair of patent (faux, of course) black riding boots and my purple/silver sequin super-high heels that I bought/wore to the Dirty Ball.

Do any of you use a clothing/shoes/make-up subscription service? I just started Birchbox too; waiting for my first shipment.

Anyway, I LOVED these teal sandals the second I saw them in my showroom. The quality seems pretty good too, as I find with most Michael Antonio shoes (for the money, of course). That said, I’ve tried them now with two different outfits, and they looked silly.

How would you wear these?

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