We’re more than halfway through! Today’s Blogger, May I? prompt is Tips on How to be a Tourist in Your City.


While I consider Pittsburgh to be home, living here for just shy of five years, I still find myself playing the part of tourist. There are still several neighborhoods that I’ve never stepped foot in. I’ve never been to the zoo. I am lost as to what suburbs are in what direction. The East End confuses me to no end. And I still have no fucking clue what the Parkway North is. I haven’t been on a ducky boat. For shame!

Now, living within city limits provides me certain geographical advantages, and it’s been helpful starting from the center outward. Being a former downtown resident, and now a downtown worker, I can help other tourists navigate to their interests. I cannot, however, recommend a convenience store downtown for you to purchase beer, Chicagoans (yes, that happened yesterday). My favorite way to see the city is by foot, but you MUST get a view of the skyline from the water. I’d recommend kayaking — one of my favorite things to do in this city. Also, thanks to Uber, you don’t need to feel “stuck” to one neighborhood any more. Which is why for the first time, since ever, I am excited to go hang out in Lawrenceville tonight.

In any event, I still have a list of things that I’d like to do in Pittsburgh (here are 10):
1. As previously mentioned, go to the zoo…
2. And quack-quack my way onto a Just Ducky boat
3. Visit the Carnegie Museum of Art
4. Go bar-hopping one night in Shadyside
5. Have drinks at Bob’s Garage – and marvel at all the Christmas decorations
6. I gotta Regatta!
7. Get to the Allegheny Observatory during one of their lectures
8. Tour Trundle Manor
9. See a laser show at the Carnegie Science Museum
10. Do a COMPLETE cheat of my diet restrictions, and eat at Jozsa Corner

So that’s some random, huh? What’s on your list?

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  • That’s such an awesome list! I desperately want to kayak but I’m terrified of river water. I’d add: visit Randyland, drink on a rooftop bar, do a coffeeshop crawl.