Taking a cue again today from another running blogger, Eat Pray Run DC, to reflect a little on this past year’s running experiences in the Year of Running 2015 link-up.

As far as running goals are concerned, I kicked ass this year! I completed my first half marathon and then my second and third — PR’ing each race; I ran my first full marathon under my goal time; I finally finished a 5K under 30 minutes; I also PR’d the Liberty Mile; and I ran my first legit sub 8-minute mile just last week. I’ll do a full 2015 Running Goals update in another post, but this year was pretty amazing.

Best race experience / race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: By far, the Niagara Falls International Marathon. Prior to this race, I thought I’d be a one-and-done marathoner; and yet, here I am signing up for #2 in 2016! This race was the stuff that makes me feel so complete and fulfilled by this sport. I want to bottle up all of those emotions from Miles 21-26 of that course. Just, simply, an incredible day and experience for my first marathon.

Best run: During my group training runs, I realized my potential — running at a pace much faster than I ever thought possible for long distances. My favorite run was my group’s 16-mile “bridge run” starting from downtown at sunrise and looping around the city and its many bridges in Training Week 15. A camaraderie was born and those ladies helped me through the duration of my marathon training, including designing my 20-mile training run around the Lemieux 6.6 race (which… I haven’t recapped that race, have I?!).

Best new piece of running gear: The Exolite Sonic ear warmers from 180s. In fact, I think all of their cold weather running gear is top notch. Can it start snowing soon so that I can enjoy these things again?

Best running advice this year: “Do not eat the lube on the stick!” LOL (pre-Pittsburgh Half Marathon advice).

Most inspirational runner: Kim Stemple, no question.

“I am going to die; we are all going to die—I just have a little different perspective on it.” Stemple said. “So, I’m doing what makes me happy instead of laying on the couch looking at the loose hair on the pillow.”

She finished the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon in 4:15.

Favorite picture from a race or run this year:THIS.



If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? I DID IT! I mean, seriously. My running adventure only began in September 2014, and I have accomplished so much since then. This journey has been so rewarding.

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