Today’s post is The Story Behind My Blog Name, prompted by Blogger, May I?

O U R   E S C A P E

I’ve been able to call myself a blogger for over a decade. My first blog, dedicated to my single life and dating stories, was what some would call “popular” but for obvious reasons became dull and unexciting to readers when I got serious with my (still) boyfriend. As much as I tried to liven things up over there, I was growing further away from its initial fun and MISS INDEPENDENT purpose. Oh, see yesterday’s post to understand a little of why I pressed DELETE on that blog without remorse. In one word, it was an embarrassment.

In any event, I started this blog (on Tumblr, gross) as a vehicle for promoting a client’s designer jewelry e-commerce site (if you see any super early fashion posts, I’m wearing a lot of the pieces). What has developed from there (once I adopted the site as my own) are perspectives from a 30-something navigating her way through a psychology undergrad program, life and body changes, and the effects on well-being.

I always intended for this to be a place where 30-somethings commiserate about all the things that women don’t tell you about getting older… until you’re actually older. And while I do that a bit from my point of view, I’d really like to see that to fruition in the next couple years from different voices. Naturally, I got sidetracked by schoolwork and my new-found love of running recently, but I’m looking forward to reinvigorating this space to be for all 30-somethings to come together and talk about body changes, lifestyle changes, hormones, pre- or peri-menopause (seriously) and those thick black hairs that start growing out of your chin.

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  • Yay for running love! I’ve only been consistently running for the past two months. I never got serious about it before then. I love the concept of your blog a lot. Though I would love to read your single days escapades too. 😉

  • I love hearing about how people evolve into their blogs and vice versa. And for the record, those black hairs on my chin are coming in already. It sucks. I’ll totally get real with you about that!

  • The beauty behind a blog is that it’s an extension of you. You’re ever changing and so is it. I will gladly hang out on your space whenever you post about life in your 30’s (although, I’ve still got a few months of 20’s left in my bag.) :)