An honest depiction of “Life in Your 30s” to which we can all relate.

1. I am 35.
2. I live with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for 3.5 years.
3. I live in Pittsburgh.
4. I’m from Ohio.
5. I’ve been blogging (elsewhere) since 2002!
6. I have three cats.
7. I could eat cheese-and-onion enchiladas every day.
8. I do eat a sandwich every day.
9. I’m an “accidental entrepreneur” and own my own Web copywriting company.
10. I also work part-time at a zoo.
11. AND I volunteer at our local humane society shelter.
12. I play roller derby.
13. I’ve always hated my hair.
14. I can never be barefoot — even in my house.
15. The beach is the worst (see above, but also because I hate the heat & I’m not supposed to get any sun exposure).
16. Fall is my favorite season!
17. My personal style statement includes a lot of layering.
18. I love accessorizing. My favorite part of fashion!
19. I struggle with age. A lot of that has to do with how my face has changed in the last few years.
20. But mostly because my “five-year plan” includes the number 40.
21. I deal with #19 by regular facials. It’s made a HUGE difference! (and it’s kind of a nice spoil)
22. My favorite make-up line is LORAC.
23. I cannot leave the house without mascara. Ever.
24. My favorite place in the world is Prague, Czech Republic.
25. My first passport expires next year, and that makes me sad (plus, my photo is a perfect memory).
26. Camping is my favorite outdoor activity (followed by kayaking, at a close second).
27. I quit smoking 4 years ago (08-08 is my anniversary). I’ve never been prouder of an accomplishment.
28. The boyfriend & I have a community garden plot in the city; this season has surely been a lesson in amateur gardening!
29. We are a one-car household.
30. I’m so happy to FINALLY have a new space for a new blog! (WELCOME!)

Phew. :)

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