I’ve passed my 100 Day mark for eliminating gluten and nightshades from my diet. Replacements are fairly easy for gluten (breads, cereals… poptarts) save for finding potato flour and an abundance of sugar or swapped starches in a lot of items (most packaged sweets are gross, tbh). Nightshades are still really difficult, especially when out dining (and I’ve turned into this neurotic TELL ME ALL THE INGREDIENTS visitor when scanning menus). I’ve been to a neighbor’s dinner party and hosted a cookout where I shared my dietary restrictions with anyone and everyone (I really wish my sister would listen!). And annoyed a whole bunch of people via social media about the who/why/what. Yet, I’m still surprised at the ignorance of many about WHAT gluten is (clue: it’s not a wheat allergy!).

no gluten no wheat

The diet started out as basically cutting all gluten products; now I am replacing, which I feel very… meh about because I still eat so.many.carbs. So I want (and plan to) do better in my next 100 Days. Pinterest has saved our marriage (lol); we plan meals ahead, and I can even swap out some ingredients in Blue Apron without a lot of waste. But planning ahead is SUPER important to combat the HANGRY. The use of Day One app has been incredibly helpful to log meals and any possible reactions.

A few days of “testing” my sensitivity proved to be BIG mistakes. On one occasion, after a particularly amazing 5-course meal, I couldn’t get out of bed to check out of the hotel. It was awful. I also tried a gluten-free beer in NYC (oh, did I mention that I’m additionally sensitive to hops? Yeah, that made me feel like crap too). And then I went and drank a bunch of whiskeys and bourbons this weekend at the UGP. These were not controlled testings (aside from the gf beer), so I have no clue what is the bigger culprit of wrecking havoc on my body (mostly joints): gluten or nightshades.

I’m incredibly grateful for Emily Levenson for helping me through this journey.

Alas, I realize this is for life, which makes me as sad as it makes me relieved. And I know that white potatoes are the devil. The end.

If you need a resource to learn more about gluten and Celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, I highly recommend reading: Gluten Freedom.

Still think gluten sensitivities are bullshit? Read this. And focus on the last sentence. {via glutenfreegirl}

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